Sacred Spaces

Getting and Spending

I’m kind of amazed at and mystified by people who head out into stores (well, especially this year, in terms of in-person efforts) or even online to shop, shop, shop their way through an entire day of the deals of Black Friday. Of course, I want to delight my loved ones with the gifts I’ve found for them in both local and far and wide locations. Of course, I want to get the best value possible for the items I plan to purchase anyway. Of course, there’s a tug to get caught up in the momentum that’s sweeping everyone else (so it seems) along a rushing retail river, but even REI’s #OptOutside campaign, which I applaud, doesn’t entirely compel me. Because the day after Thanksgiving, I usually just want to keep basking in a glow of gratitude for everyone and everything already gathered—to sleep in, to snuggle in, to settle in for the winter months ahead.