Movement and Meditation

A Winter Treat

Tonight, I started the process of customizing a yoga nidra for someone, and from this nascent shaping until the final deliveries (in person and then recorded) of the nearly hour-long form of meditation, it’s among my happiest things to engage in, an experience of flow, abundance, and connectivity. I love learning elements of the person’s sensory markers—their favorite sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches—and exploring in what ways their body, mind, and spirit could use support and relief. I love leaning into intuition as I shape the personalized segments of the meditation/nidra and write its script. Although the person receiving the nidra is lying still and quiet with their eyes closed, when I verbally guide them through the nidra in real time—whether virtually or in person—I can sense the deepening of their relaxation, the points of struggle or resistance, a graceful dance between the constancy of my pre-formed words throughout the meditation and their current experience within it. As I record a nidra for others’ ongoing use, I’m flooded with awe for the beauty of the body, the challenges and joys of being in one among others’, and the transcendent possibilities available to us through relaxation and imagination. The carefully arranged spoken words flow and bubble like a refreshing stream, and I’m reminded of the power of our brains—when given room to roam in that liminality between consciousness and subconsciousness—to more positively shape our ongoing lived experiences.
For those of you who have already purchased from me an individualized or other nidra, thank you! If you haven’t and would like to treat yourself or a loved one at this time of midwinter and Valentine’s Day to a customized yoga nidra from me, I am opening up a limited-time offering for that, which you can find and schedule here. It is a luxury item for you or a beloved, involving an initial consultation the first week, a real-time yoga nidra the second week, meeting again the third week to discuss the session, and a final voice recording via email soon afterward that may include some adjustments to the original nidra and will always be accessible. More immediately available on Enchanted Rock Studios are the already recorded “Seven Nights of Nidra” and “Supporting a Healthy Relationship with Food.” And if you have another source of nidra in particular or meditation in general, I hope you will access that and take advantage of this ancient tool to meet and comfort you in your fully glorious and messy humanity.