A New Year!

Blessings for 2021!

I love all the new beginnings: the calendar New Year, my birthday (conveniently located—for the pacing it allows—in May), the start of an academic year (August/September, here in the U.S.), including new books and unmarked notepaper, maybe at a new school (lose a nickname or reputation, choose a different regular seat, discover a brilliant teacher or friend). There are the micro-beginnings: witnessing sunrises, waking from a nap, following a meal and its conversation, opening a thick book to its first page. Then there are the fresh starts inherent to an apology, forgiveness, renewed determination. I’m always eager to launch and to learn, full of hope; within nourishing habits, I find my perseverance. I would love to hear what you have gathered from 2020; what you’re carrying into 2021; how you’d like to shape each of your days that together comprise what is now still our unknown future. If you’d like, please contribute to the conversation through comments, after logging into the site—or send me a response email. I’m grateful for you and for the journey we’re on together; here’s to a year of wonder ahead!